Recommended reason first went on foot to the West Village, Sai Kung sea, I realized that Hong Kong is so beautiful sea, the sea so blue, I know why so few people come here because of the sea more remote, you must walk two hours to to. Here is the basic camping hiker over the Holy Land, the Hong Kong locals, there are many foreign friends and ALICE.

Hong Kong Sai Kung Sai Wan Hai

McDonald's to Saigon

McDonald's car to Saigon door collection, the convergence of Shenzhen, Hong Kong Mix together take Pakistan to the West Village, a small sitting Pakistan, almost all people take to camping, everyone is carrying a large bag to sit crowded a. Because the Bank of China in the mountains Chi, up and down, but a kind of feeling of flying.

Basically the entrance to the West Village, where the need to grow in half an hour to get to the entrance, the entrance must be on foot or from a boat to sit another entrance into the sea. West Bay to get off, a cool breeze blowing head, suddenly fresh and up into West Bay Trail, the sun very well, sprinkle on the trail, the scenery is so good, so good breeze blowing people suddenly feel like a , so that this way of how hard work is worth it.

This is the entrance to the West Bay Village

Downhill road a lot easier to go ???

Beautiful scenery along the way

This section of West Bay Trail, have not seen the High Island Reservoir, already I feel quite worth it. After High Island Reservoir, basically downhill, West Bay wind is cold, blowing people feel comfortable. All the way to keep cool praise, the impression that the sea wind Tide, wet, warm, blowing on the body is not comfortable, but the sea wind here is very different. When you see the sea and the beach when everyone amazed. Immediately for a good swimsuit, rushed straight to the sea, where the color of the sea is the bluest I have ever seen in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have more than a lot of navy, perhaps because fewer people here, coupled with environmental awareness in Hong Kong is still very strong, basic will bring garbage away, so just leave this one amazed at sea.

Meng good angel baby

Many ALICE bring tents over vacation, very comfortable.

Zhang fun to jump ???

Everyone had a good time.

Travel tips:

Car line: 1 Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay 1A minibus ride to Saigon in Saigon McDonald's at the door to the West Bay Village Pavilion 29R 15 bar.

2. Because of the dry weather in the summer, very hot, bring sunscreen and sun protection equipment note, it is recommended to bring water and food, can add strength on the road, seaside restaurants and grocery stores are also, the price a little expensive.
Recommended dishes: There are several grocery stores, have rest and food, it is recommended here Fried Beef, weight is enough. (Fried Beef about a 40 Hong Kong dollars)